HedgePay automatically generates excellent rewards on the blockchain

By utilizing our proprietary HedgeFi risk-reduction algorithm, you can customize your digital payroll. Simply meet the minimum HedgePay balance to generate your individual cryptocurrency salary1. Accessibility, enhanced safety, uniqueness. Earn continuous stream of rewards and become independent indefinitely.

HedgePay Income Genrator
Feature & Reward System

Feature & Reward System

Hedge Pay Crypto Finance

HedgePay is the only step you need to become independent

Hedge Pay Crypto Finance

Made accessible, enhances safety, and autonomous by using fully decentralized blockchain technology

Hedge Pay Crypto Finance

Trade HedgePay using our exclusive in house exchange for lowest fees in the decentralised market

Hedge Pay Crypto Finance

Stable coin powered liquidity and smart buyback mechanics ensures reduced price volatility and organic growth

Free monthly digital rewards generated by automated strategies utilizing our proprietary risk-reduction algorithm

Hedge Pay Crypto DeFi

Safe & Secure: assets are secured via third party multiple signature wallets

HedgePay utilizes a token-based system to allow easy transactions. By simplifying the process and automating reward generation, HedgePay will increase access to earning opportunities in the DeFi industry.
Our mission is to remove all entry barriers for our HPay holders and forge a safe path to consistent reward generation resistant to market volatility.

Hedge Pay Crypto Hedge Pay Icon


The HedgeFi Algorithm utilizes DeFi contribution to generate salaries1 for our HPay holders to be rewarded on a monthly basis. Our HPay holders may use the rewards dashboard to claim their rewards earlier if desired. This will incur a pro-rated fee schedule that will be used to increase the resources of the HedgeFi Algorithm.

Ticker Symbol

HedgePay Finance Ticker HPAY


Contract Address

0xc75aa...dfd521a icon


icon BSC (BEP-20)

Max Supply

1,000,000,000 HPAY

Circulating Supply

HedgePay (HPAY) distribution
Supply Distribution

58.56% Rewards Mechanics

29.82% Liquidity Provision

3.00% Development*


* No initial development or reward tokens will be created. HedgePay will mint tokens incrementally, relative to on-chain mechanics to ensure the health of hedgepay economics.

HedgePay uses rewards generated from each transaction to increase the resources of the HedgeFi Algorithm. Every blockchain transaction that involves transferring tokens is subjected to an 12%* fee. Transactions that involve interactions with HedgePay’s exchange will not incur this fee. The rewards generated will be allocated to the HedgeFi Algorithm to increase the digital salaries of our contributor.

HedgePay (HPAY) distribution

* Exit transactions are subjected to a 12% fee.
* On-Chain transactions that do not interact with the HedgePay trading system are subjected to a 12% fee.

Upcoming Features

Upcoming Features

HedgePay is the centre of an ecosystem that overcomes traditional barriers between savings and liquidity. Spend your salary 1 on your daily needs while keeping your assets safe and increasing in value

Exclusive Contributors Phase

  • Multi-Sign Security Wallet
  • Establishment of Community Communications
  • HedgeFi Algorithm Exclusive Contributors Opportunity (EIO) Phase 1 to 4
  • Initial Liquidity Lock
  • HedgePay Rewards Compound Interest Phase


  • Public Accessibility to Direct and Decentralized Exchanges
  • HedgePay Rewards
  • Buyback-powered Staking Protocol
  • HedgePay Bounty
  • Expanding the core contribution strategies
  • Incorporation: Establishing HedgePay Legal Formalities
  • Public Relations Department

Accessibility Phase

  • HedgePay Mobile Wallet & Exchange App
  • HedgeFi contribution Protocol
  • First CEX Listings
  • Fiat Bridge, card purchase integration
  • Reward Mechanics Diversification
  • Solidify Online Presence

Expansion Phase

  • Crosschain Integration
  • HedgePay Labs: Payment processing gateway
  • HedgePay Labs: Staking as a service
  • HedgePay Labs: Liquidity lock service
  • HedgeFi: Collateral and Lending protocol
  • HedgeFi: Smart DEX
  • HedgeFi: Virtual contributor Lounge & Incubator
  • Brick and Mortar Presence
About Us

About Us

HedgePay is the cryptocurrency utilized within the HedgeFi Ecosystem based on improving the resources of HedgeFi Algorithm. Proceeds are used to generate interest that will be delivered to claimable rewards for contributor. HedgePay follows three main tenants called the Three-fold Path.


Security is paramount for any transaction. HedgePay utilizes a proprietary zero-risk liquidity locking mechanism. Backed by Gnosis multi-signature systems, and proprietary modular smart contracts , HedgePay is protected against traditional vulnerabilities.

Rewards Generation

Lifetime earning opportunities is the lifeblood of HedgePay. The HedgeFi Algorithm is structured to utilize the assets to generate a monthly digital salary 1 that can be used to purchase goods and services. Actualize your returns and improve your daily life.


Accessibility is the major obstacle all cryptocurrencies face when fighting for adoption. HedgePay will bridge the gap between liquidity and assets while making earn residual rewards a one-step process. By automating passive rewards, the HedgeFi Ecosystem simplifies the journey and focuses on generating usable rewards.