KYC/Audit Security Center

KYC Verification Audit Service is a mandatory regulation for all businesses, ensures the legitimacy of your customer's activities and identifies potential project-killing bugs, making it a worthwhile investment in your project's future.

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HedgePay KYC Verification

KYC verification are strictly for project owners that hold the contract and wallet. HedgePay will not accept any KYC from team for security purposes


During the KYC, owner are required to show us the entire process of logging into the contract and wallet through a video call and video recording


Personal information such as IDs, video recordings, and pictures will be stored by a trusted third party provider


A suprise video call will be performed to verify information provided to HedgePay. Failure to answer calls can lead to failed verification

WriteTo Us

To report a scam, fill out this evidence form. This will launch an investigation by HedgePay security, that may result in ID handed to the relevant authority